Saturday, 7 May 2011

Easter Cakes, Royal Wedding Cupcakes and Bluebells...

Again, I apologise for the lack of posts but revision is proving to be a great stress at the moment, so bear with me! Over the last month or so, it's been Easter (cue the chocolate nest cakes made from shredded wheat, golden syrup and melted chocolate filled with a little chocolate butter-cream and topped with mini eggs), we've had some unseasonably good weather which meant a visit to the Bluebell Woods and baking some summery cupcakes (made to the Hummingbird Bakery's vanilla recipe, topped with their chocolate buttercream and then decorated with fresh strawberries and raspberries, some with sugar paper flowers) and of course the Royal Wedding (again Hummingbird vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and then decorated with red, white and blue sprinkles on a wedding themed cake stand). I promise I'll be back, posting regularly as soon as these damn exams are out of the way! :D

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