Monday, 7 February 2011

Ikea's Daim Cake...

As well as visiting Leon at the weekend, I went to Ikea. Being Swedish they sell lots of Swedish food - some of it is slightly dubious like smoked or pickled herrings but they also sell DAIM bars. Daim's are delicious and I think you can buy them in our normal supermarkets or newsagents but in Ikea they have them everywhere. They sell bags of miniature daims, chocolate bars filled with daims, they give them out free at the checkouts but the variation I particularly love is their Daim cake. They sell it by the slice in their cafe but you can buy a whole frozen cake in their food store at the end. It's made by 'Almondy'  and is an almond tart with a biscuit base, custardy cream and chocolate covered crushed daims. I always thought that Daims tasted of burnt caramel, like a butterscotchy taste but all of their packaging says it's an almond flavour but it doesn't taste like almonds...?
Anyway, I'm going to try and come up with a recipe to make this daim cake but in the mean time, get yourself to Ikea and pick up a cake :). It's frozen but defrosts within 10 minutes and we served ours with ice cream. So if anybody has a recipe, it would be good to try and make it.

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