Monday, 11 October 2010

Delicious Salmon... Jamie Oliver style!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the delicious dinner! So mine looked basically the same as this picture from the 'besuperlicious blog'.

On Saturday night I recreated a Jamie recipe that I first had in Scotland, when staying with my boyfriend's aunt and uncle for a weekend. 

I'm not sure which book of his it is from but it's not on his website either. Anyway, it's the easiest, most delicious way to eat salmon! 

The recipe (for 4) - 

4 x salmon fillets (I used Sainsburys Taste the Difference)
800g green beans
400g cherry tomatoes
A good few handfuls of chopped, stoned black olives
A tin of anchovies (and their oil) 
A handful of basil
Lots of lemon juice

Turn your oven to the hottest heat it will go and leave it to heat up
Meanwhile, blanch the green beans for about 6 minutes until they've just lost their crunch
Mix the beans, tomatoes, basil and olives in a bowl and squeeze some lemon juice and black pepper
Then put the salmon in a roasting tin on one side and squeeze lots of lemon and black pepper on both sides
Then add the tomato/bean mix around it (don't actually cover the salmon though) and then tear up the anchovies into small pieces over the beans and mix in.
Finally pour most of the oil from the anchovies over the whole thing, add a bit more lemon and black pepper and cook! 
It takes only about 10minutes in the hot oven so check the salmon is cooked, and it will be ready!

I served mine with new potatoes but pasta, rice or couscous would all be perfect with it!

- N.B my mum hates anchovies so you can leave them off certain sections if you don't want them but they really do add such a delicious flavour!

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